Sales Support

Together with you, we will ensure the optimal preparation and presentation of quotations and support you in contract negotiations, lead generation and sales management.

We will improve your domestic and international sales in the same way we have done so for other large and medium-sized companies: in a reliable and honest manner and with the necessary inter-cultural awareness. We are customer service specialists and recognized early on that the sales channel represents a decisive entry into your company. Initially our independent consultants will analyse your sales and business processes. In a next joint step we will develop the aims and relevant strategy to fit the individual requirements of your company. Our team remains very hands-on throughout the process, supporting you with expertise and a wide range of methods to lead your company to the top.

Choose from the following services to lift your domestic and international sales to the next level:

  • Tenders
  • Tender presentations
  • Negotiations
  • Interim sales management
  • Lead generation
  • Sales coordination
  • Key account management
  • Marketing strategy

Project Management

Are you planning to introduce new products to your customer service, want to incorporate completely new projects or implement a structural change? We support you and your employees in the planning and successful implementation of your topics.

Clients typically engage Schacht Consulting to work on a specific project. Changes in the company should usually be implemented quickly and with the least possible impact on ongoing operations. We are happy to support you with  the following domestic and international activities:

  • Establishing national and global project management teams
  • Selecting project management tools
  • Introducing SCRUM or other project management techniques
  • Change Management
  • Interim project management

Schacht Consulting has the capacity to execute the agreed changes in a short time, meaning that your company benefits quicker from the improvements.


Training of teams in your customer service center and in sales, creation of training materials, individual and group coaching of team leaders, site managers or other executives.

Schacht Consulting training and coaching achieve the required changes in both each employee and also the customer service organisation as a whole. Our sports approach offers an ideal combination of theory and practise, whereby the real training effect kicks in during hands-on exercises and in open discussion. It is important for us to include the team with overall responsibility in a training course – from the operation employee, the local trainer to the manager. This is the only way to ensure the long-term success of a training measure. Because lasting success is important to us.

Our modules provide you with excellent standards and top level German, French and English.

  • Team trainings in operations and sales
  • Developing training materials
  • Creation and optimization of interview guidelines
  • Individual and group coaching of executives

We are happy to support your international teams and activities with other relevant topics and languages.

Operations Management

Your customer service is often a balancing act between customer requirements and the expectations and wishes of your employees. We take a close look at your customer processes, capacity planning, quality management and controlling and work with you to develop ways to optimise them.Staff management at single/multiple and domestic/international sites, team management, process analysis and improvement, change management for teams & departments, creating/improving scripts, interim for daily business etc.

Our hands-on international experience enables us to accompany and execute transformation processes within operations whilst achieving measurable and visible results. With the following modules we support both staff and leaders in their customer service daily business in single and multiple markets:

  • Improving organisational structures
  • Team supervision and intraday supervision
  • Process analysis and improvement
  • Change management in teams and departments
  • Developing and adapting scripts
  • Interim for daily business

These operational developments ensure customer service becomes your company’s flagship. We analyse the processes and procedures before identifying the aims and relevant strategy to fit your company’s individual requirements. Our team remains very hands-on throughout and supports you with both expertise and a wide range of methods to lead your company to the top.

IT Organisation

We keep an eye on the latest trends for you and support you in making your customer service technically fit for future tasks and channels.

We offer a wide range of IT organisation modules for the „Contact Centre of the Future“ and always recommend a tailor-made solution to fulfill your exact requirements. Starting with an analysis of the current systems and processes, we then identify the various options available on the market based on the most relevant issues for your company. A strategic concept is developed to include all the necessary tools for the ideal solution.This means: We make sure that a selected tool works smoothly in your infrastructure. At Schacht Consulting, we personally take care of the necessary adjustments. Everything from a single source!

Schacht Consulting offers technical selection process support for ACD systems, eCRM, personal planning and workforce software, knowledge management, agent desktop solutions, infrastructure. In addition our team advise on improving the use of IT tools and interim leadership of your IT team.

Personnel Management

Each market has its specific requirements within HR and we tailor our approach accordingly. You can rely on our expertise in all operational and strategic issues in all markets.

Each international market has its own strategic topics within the HR field and we tailor our approach accordingly. Rely on our expertise in all operational and strategic issues, for example during an international M&A process with regards to employment contracts, duration, content, legal and union requirements, etc.

Our consultants also analyse organisational structures in order to support planned restructuring and improve internal processes. We apply the Business Excellence approach from the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Here we identify the management development phase, relevant strengths and key areas for improvement, for domestic markets and also internationally.

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