Benefit from the expertise we have acquired over more than 20 years. Together with you, we work out sensible steps and call a spade a spade to support you and your company in the long term. Call on the services of the experienced managers at Schacht Consulting right away.

We look forward to getting to know you.

The core team, consisting of experienced managers from the fields of customer service and sales, puts the expertise they have acquired over the past 20 years at your disposal. As directors and division managers, they have very successfully held positions such as Head of Business Unit, Head of Business Development, Head of Sales, Head of IT, Head of Operations, Head of Human Resource and Senior Project Management and are now available to provide you with advice and support. So, together with you, we can lead your company to the top.

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We are intensively involved in the Marketing Club and DDV organisations with the aim of bringing improvements and innovations to life for the industry. We encourage exchange among ourselves and are happy to share our experiences among colleagues. Here you can find all partnerships of Schacht Consulting at a glance.