I am not only a passionate mountaineer and family man, but also a representative of strong values, attitudes and goals that drive me to excel in my life and work.

Every individual should use their knowledge and skills to help make the world a little better every day. This includes things like the responsible use of our resources. It always annoys me when I see how carelessly people deal with their own rubbish.

I regularly take a rubbish bag and rubber gloves with me when I go for a walk. One experience always shocks me: after just one hour, the bag is full of cigarette butts and packets, old masks, plastic bottles and cups, sweet wrappers and other rubbish. I always try to address this lack of mindfulness. Don’t we all want to live in a beautiful, clean, healthy world? Of course, this includes not only the superficial disposal of rubbish, but especially consideration for other fellow human beings, both in private and at work.

Another very important value for me is honesty and sincerity. I have always appreciated it when my counterpart also attaches great importance to these values. Because only in an honest and sincere exchange can you make a little progress every day. In this way, I can learn something and develop myself further.

Which brings us to the next value: daily learning. How do I manage to educate myself a little bit every day?

I’m sure I could go on and on about other interesting values, but I’ll leave it at that for now and I’d be happy to discuss them with you personally, because I’m sure there are many more ways of looking at these things.

What about my attitude? These are of course based on values and influenced by my upbringing, my education and my environment.

However, I often wish I had more insight into other cultures to broaden my own horizons. During my various experiences abroad, I have already been able to take away a few things that have helped me back home to look at familiar things a little differently.

I am very grateful for my studies abroad in Toulouse (France), my time in Canada and the Czech Republic. Also for my travels through Brazil, USA, China, Japan, South Korea and Scandinavia and many more. Other cultures sometimes solve challenges in a completely different way and sometimes reach their goal much more easily. We should always keep this openness and be curious about our world.

Goals – A powerful word to my ears. From my point of view, there is a lot behind it. You deal with environmental parameters, know the starting position and then know where you want to go. In mountaineering, it seems simple. You want to get to the mountain – to the cross on the summit. In life, it’s not always that simple. What do I want to become? Perhaps the better question is: What do I want to be?

Are goals really fixed, immovable points? That certainly makes sense for individual stages. An example from sport: in handball, scoring a goal is a clear partial goal to win the game. The next step is to win the championship in order to achieve the goal of the season.

But what is it like in your own life? Constantly getting better, always higher, further and faster. Can that be the goal? Taking on more and more responsibility at work, climbing higher and higher up the career ladder? Or isn’t it much more important to help more and more people to become a little better every day? At any rate, that is what drives me. Helping others, and of course myself, to become a little better every day – in both professional and private contexts. To bring this into line with our tasks at Schacht Consulting:

Helping our clients to offer excellent and human customer service every day anew.

If you are healthy, you can do almost anything; if you are not healthy, your first goal is to get well again. We are always reminded of this when we or a family member, friend or good acquaintance is ill again. It is so important to be healthy. That’s why it’s worth investing a little in this precious commodity of health every day. I often ask myself, what have I done for it today? Did you go running, did you do gymnastics, did you eat something healthy? The sum of the things makes the whole, and this is also true here with health. I wish everyone long and lasting health – and lots of strength to do something for it every day.

It is certainly a little unusual that there are mountains mentioned here. But for me, mountains are simply something beautiful. I find in them a silent teacher. They show us our personal limits. They fascinate us by their mere existence.

Unfortunately, they also show us global warming – when my father was at the Concordia Hut, he only had to climb a few steps from Concordia Square (where two glaciers meet) to the hut. When I also wanted to climb to the hut 50 years later, I had to use almost 400 steps of a metal staircase in the wall.

Mountains help me to concentrate on the essentials. What do I really need to go on a ski tour in the mountains for a week? Less is often more, because I have to carry everything. Here I often come to the point where I ask myself if we can’t do without a lot of other things and thus be much happier.

You notice: Mountains make you think and help you philosophise. If you feel like it, we can go to the mountains together. I would be delighted.

Together with my team, consisting of experienced managers from customer service and sales, we will lead your company to the top.

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Schacht Consulting’s partnerships and memberships always reflect our values. We support good out of conviction.

DDV – Deutscher Dialogmarketing Verband e.V. 

You can’t always just talk about things, you also have to get involved yourself. That’s why I’m involved in the DDV. Only if we manage together to establish a mouthpiece for the industry will we be heard by politicians. Here we can exchange ideas with other members and shape our future according to our own values. In the association and with politics, the mills certainly always grind a little slower, but it still makes sense to raise your voice here.

Marketing Club

Customer Service is marketing through and through in my innermost conviction. In our CRM model, Marketing Sales and Service unite the customer interfaces. That’s why it’s important to constantly educate yourself and not lose touch with innovations in marketing. Supporting this in the region has prompted me to get involved in the Marketing Club Stuttgart-Heilbronn.

Aktion Baum

How can we sustainably manage to preserve our environment? Anyone who travels a lot and sees many other countries knows that forests are something wonderful. Not only that we have a renewable raw material, but also that whole ecosystems are formed by the forest and the trees. When I flew back from China a few years ago, I looked out of the window and saw vast expanses of land without trees. I thought of the campaign “stop talking, start planting”. However, the call was not enough for me. I was looking for a way to actively support it. With Aktion Baum I have now found this possibility. I am happy about the holistic approach.

Miniköche Europa

Raising young people’s awareness of health at an early age through proper nutrition in an intact environment can be a building block for health for me. I find that exciting and an interesting approach that I am happy to promote.