Process management is the basis for a functioning customer service organisation. Above all, it is important to record processes in a structured manner and to constantly examine them for optimisation potential. Only then can the optimised process management be implemented.

Together with our clients, we often design the generic processes of their customer service organisation. In doing so, we consider all communication channels such as telephone and chat. We also take a close look at self-service and discover differences in order to standardise processes or even implement new processes such as social media.

To ensure transparency in planning, we use Swimlane diagrams for representation. In these, the complete business process is divided into sub-processes and areas of responsibility are clearly defined.

A particularly important part of our service: dividing the processes into four sub-processes according to the Irritant Value Matrix (Hafner). The 2×2 matrix divides communication processes according to their importance: eliminate, automate, simplify or intensify.

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